“To draft a good contract, you must master contract enforcement”

To draft a good contract,
you must master
contract enforcement


We assist corporations in mission-critical technical projects – happy path and distressed.

Happy path

From strategic conception to successful implementation, we help maximize your project success. We draft and negotiate contracts (vendor and customer side) for 

  • engineering, procurement and construction (EPC)
  • software development
  • project acquisition/sale
  • outsourcing
  • renewables
  • systems integration 
  • IT services
  • digital business
  • Internet of Things
  • SaaS, telematics, driver assistance projects, virtual assistants, customer experience
  • transportation as a service

We have worked in a number of flexible models such as outsourced in-house counsel, lead counsel, legal project management lead and embedded project lawyer.



Distressed projects are an area of focus for us. Technically challenging projects are rarely finished completely in time and budget. If issues become so severe that the project ceases to move ahead, we have the expertise and experience to develop with you a surgical, efficient strategy to get your project back on track, or at least to recover and limit losses. We are a sought-after partner in this field and have a proven track record of successful technology-related litigation. 



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