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Law and language
What does a (business) lawyer do all day?

Everyone knows courtroom scenes from film and TV. But this actually only is a very small part of a lawyer’s daily work. Lawyers also play a large role in many aspects of business. Much of this entails writing. Lawyers write contracts, court papers, letters (e-mails) and legal analyses.

In essence, they use the written word to:
• get someone else to do something for their client; or
• get clarity on some topic.

Too often, language gets in the way of these goals. Old-fashioned words and long sentences are hallmarks of “legalese”.

A lawyer’s language must be clear, understandable, and precise. This requires lots of practice!

On the other hand: there are some very simple tricks you can use to write more clearly.

Would you like to experience this hands-on in a fun way? We are offering a student seminar for ca. 10 (German or international) high school students in the 11th to 13th grades, in May of 2010 (exact date to be announced). The seminar will take place in our offices. It will comprise a short introduction, exercises, and an error correction contest with a prize for the winner and runner-up. We will close with a business-style lunch.

Interested? Send us an e-mail: